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10 Top Tips for specifying Coax Interconnects

Coaxial cable, or coax, is made up of an inner conductor cable surrounded by a tubular insulating layer wrapped in a tubular conducting shield. Martec can either supply you with a large range of standard coax interconnects, or design a custom assembly to meet your particular requirements.

If you need to specify a custom coax for your project, these Top Tips will help you put together a brief for our design team.

1. Does the system need to match a specific impedance?

The impedance of the coax will need to match the source and load impedances to achieve the maximum power transfer.

2. If impedance matching is required, what are the frequency limits?

As impedance varies with frequency, it is important to specify the frequency limits in the system.

3. Does the outer conductor need to be electrically isolated or earthed?

Do you need a floating or earthed screen.

4. What are the insertion loss, ‘S parameters’ or reflection coefficient requirements?

Martec offers S parameter testing up to 10GHz.

5. Which insertion standard will your coax use?

Options include SMA (screw type coupling interface) and SMB (smaller, snap-on couple interface).

6. What media will your coax be used in, is there any pressure differential to consider?

The pressure differential will be different for a coax operating in oil, water or vacuum.

7. Are there any environmental factors to consider?

If your application will be operating in a harsh or hostile environment (exposed to shock, vibration, thermal changes or extreme temperatures) these will need to be factored into the design.

8. What electrical testing will you need?

Breakdown voltage and Insulation resistance can be tested on the finished product.

9. What are the plating requirements for the conductors and shell?

Typical plating materials are Gold and Tin, we can design and manufacture coax to non standard plating also.

10. What are the qualification requirements?

Are appropriately decomposed requirements available as Martec can perform qualification test at the appropriate levels of assembly.

Download our top tips for specifying Coax Interconnects below (PDF)

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