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Hermetic Connectors

Read our Hermetic Product Range Overview Brochure here
Read our Standard Hermetic Connectors Catalogue here

In applications where the reliability and performance of electrical connectors are critical, such as gas tight barriers or high-pressure differentials, hermetic connectors are essential to maintain system integrity.

Martec’s hermetic connectors are designed and manufactured to meet the most stringent requirements for aerospace, automotive, marine, medical and offshore applications (including military standards: MIL-DTL and ESC 10).

Martec is a ‘concept to supply’ company providing custom designs to match existing or specialist mounting requirements, often providing alternative solutions to conventional connectors, particularly where space is a problem, with value engineering to optimise functionality.

Read our Ten Top Tips for Specifying a Connector here (PDF)

Custom Hermetic Connectors

  • Comply with military & industrial specific standards (e.g; Mil-DTL, 5015, 26482, 38999, 81513, 82723 & 24308)
  • USB & Coax interfaces
  • Corrosion resistance for long lasting performance
  • Reliable high performance fluid/gas separation;
    • Pressure
    • Vacuum
    • Aggressive chemistry

Hermetic M12 Connectors

These connectors are miniature threaded, hermetically sealed connectors that are designed to meet and succeed the mechanical and environmental requirements IEC-61076-2-101 with fixed pin connects, fused into a glass dielectric insert. These connectors are available with eyelets, solder bucket and/or pcb contacts.

Download the M12 brochure (PDF)

Subsea Connectors

  • Pressure differential up to 25,000psi
  • Booted and over moulded custom designs
  • Custom mounting arrangements for optimal system integration

Download the Subsea connectors datasheet (PDF)

Hermetic Vacuum Connectors

  • Industry standard form factors (e.g.; Mil-DTL 5015 & 26482)
  • Standard flange forms (e.g.; CF & KF)
  • Low out gassing, bakeable material

Filtered Interconnects

  • Providing System integrity under harsh interference conditions
  • Mateable with other standard Mil-Spec receptacles
  • Rugged custom designs

Download the Filtered Interconnects brochure (PDF)

Rectangular Connectors

  • High density pin count (to 0.050” pitch)
  • Comply with military & industrial specific standards (e.g; Mil-DTL, 81513, 82723 & 24308)

Download the Rectangular Connectors brochure (PDF)

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