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Hermetic Packages

In applications where the reliability and performance of electrical connections are critical, such as gas tight barriers or high-pressure differentials, hermetic packaging is essential to maintaining system integrity.

Martec’s Hermetic packaging protects your electronics against environmental conditions, including pressure differentials, humidity/moisture, temperature, and other harsh environmental consideration, stopping disruption to your electrical systems. The materials used in our Hermetics Packaging can be selected depending on environment required and configured to suit electrical performance.

Hermetic Packages

Martec designs and manufactures hermetic packages with specific customer requirements in mind. Number and size of contacts vary depending on the customer need. Martec uses glass as the insulator in the hermetic packages to ensure hermeticity for use in very harsh environments.

  • Shell material: Stainless Steel, Titanium or Kovar
  • Pin material: Alloy 52, Kovar or Stainless Steel
  • Insulator: Glass
  • Insulation Resistance: 100 GΩ @ 500 V DC
  • Packaging size: To customer requirements
  • Styles Available: Power Surface Mount, Tub Flatpack, Plug Ins, Relays, Bespoke Machined Housing

It is always refreshing to find a vendor like Martec that acts as a partner in the product development process.  They have been responsive, show enthusiasm, and have demonstrated dedication in delivering a product that meets our needs and the needs of our end customers.

Supply Chain Manager

Dover Group

Our engineers reported that the resulting products are some of the “coolest bits of technology that they have worked on” and they are truly a “design win”. On the whole the quality of the product far exceeded our expectations – the levels of finish are exceptional and met all of our design criteria. Martec is an excellent partner.

Design Engineer

The assistance provided by Martec during the project was invaluable. Their prompt service enabled us to arrive at a solution within the short time scales of our project, and their advice on the type of vacuum grease to use and how to prepare the contact surfaces to ensure proper sealing was much appreciated. Martec was also most helpful in scheduling the manufacturing of the connectors, which are usually only manufactured to order.