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High Integrity Data Hermetic Interconnects

Hermetic high integrity data interconnects should be considered by anyone wanting to collect, gather or process data in a harsh environment.

As these interconnects minimise signal attenuation they allow larger physical networks and lower signal levels for more sensitive instruments.  At Martec we can work with you to create high integrity data inteconnects that can withstand pressures up to 60,000 PSI and / or high temperatures.

Hermetic Coax Solution

Martec’s impedance matched coaxial connectors can be supplied in hermetic design to meet standard impedance requirements of 50 or 75 Ω. Alternatively, we can provide bespoke designs to suit your system requirements of a non-standard impedance level, to ensure optimal system performance. Our connectors are supplied in industry standard form factors, such as BNC, SMA, SMB and N types, and are produced in a variety of materials to meet your specifications. These includes Stainless Steel  and Titanium with a choice of electroplated finishes, as well as selective plating options to optimise earth bonding.

  • Matched impedance variants -50 / 75 Ω
  • Stainless Steel / Inconel construction
  • Pressure rating up to 40,000 PSI
  • Screen – grounded or floating options
  • Cable flyhead variants
  • ‘S’ parameters available for specific variants
  • Different housing options available

Hermetic Filtered Interconnection Solutions

As demand for EmC compliance increases, designers are increasingly specifying filtered interconnection solutions as a primary method of improving system performance from either radiated or conducted emission sources.

Martec filtered connectors & assemblies can be used to reduce the level of interference which may be experienced from a variety of sources including radio transponders and transmitters, radar systems, mobile phones, Wi-Fi and other electronic devices.

The increased sensitivity of electronic systems can make transient protection, against Electromagnetic Pulse, Lighting Strike, Nuclear Effect and voltage transients, paramount in today’s system design.

  • Providing System integrity under harsh interference conditions
  • Mateable with other standard Mil-Spec receptacles
  • Rugged custom designs
  • Operational temperature -55ºC to +125ºC
  • Capacitance:
    Maximum per line; Typically up to 1μF
    Minimum per line; Typically 22pF

Hermetic USB Solutions

Developed for instrumentation and control applications, our high
performance glass-to-metal sealed USB connector system provides robust and secure hermetic sealing through, low profile and compact dimensions, while retaining all of the universally accepted functionality of the generic USB interface.

  • Explosion proof (subject to approvals)
  • Hermetically sealed pressure rated housing
  • High performance materials
  • Through connector shield continuity
  • Panel mounting options
  • Available in a USB-A or USB-B variant with matching cordset
  • Fully tethered plug protection cover
  • Industry Standard ½ -14 NPT or ¾ – 14NPT mounting options

The Martec sealed USB connector system has been developed as a reliable alternative to low-performance transversally sealed receptacles that rely on potting materials for their sealing. At the heart of the Martec solution is our established glass to metal hermetic sealing for reliable and secure gas-tight protection. Every assembly is 100% Helium leak-rate tested to less than 1 x 10-8 cc/sec at our purpose-built
design and manufacturing facility.

Hermetic Micro D / D subs

Martec’s rectangular connectors can be supplied in a variety of formats and material combinations to match customers’ stringent customised requirements. Rectangular devices are suitable for interfacing compact enclosures. To ensure optimal integration Martec can design tailored solutions including D-Sub or Micro D, or offer complete customisation. Connectors can be designed and manufactured to meet individual environmental, mechanical or installation requirements.

With high density pin counts and various termination types available, these connectors are used in critical, harsh environment applications for reliable data transfer. Martec’s custom approach means that it is possible to produce optimised connectors with customised fitments.  These provide greater flexibility and options include high conductivity pin contacts, in-shell
signal conditioning and high reliability mounting methods.

  • Custom fitments for critical, high performance system applications
  • High density pin count (to 0.050″ pitch)
  • Hermetic sealing
  • High pressure capability
  • High conductivity and low resistivity for high data rates
  • Wide operating temperature range (typically -40 to +170 °C)
  • MIL-DTL 83513, 24308 standards

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It is always refreshing to find a vendor like Martec that acts as a partner in the product development process.  They have been responsive, show enthusiasm, and have demonstrated dedication in delivering a product that meets our needs and the needs of our end customers.

Supply Chain Manager

Dover Group

The assistance provided by Martec during the project was invaluable. Their prompt service enabled us to arrive at a solution within the short time scales of our project, and their advice on the type of vacuum grease to use and how to prepare the contact surfaces to ensure proper sealing was much appreciated. Martec was also most helpful in scheduling the manufacturing of the connectors, which are usually only manufactured to order.


Our engineers reported that the resulting products are some of the “coolest bits of technology that they have worked on” and they are truly a “design win”. On the whole the quality of the product far exceeded our expectations – the levels of finish are exceptional and met all of our design criteria. Martec is an excellent partner.

Design Engineer